7 Super Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles Half Up Half Down

June 9th, 2023


In this post, we will be discussing why a wedding hairstyle half up half down is a great option for your wedding day! Your wedding day is an opportunity to radiate with confidence and beauty. You will want your hair to look flawless, complement your dress and match the overall theme of the wedding. The mission for the perfect wedding hairstyle can be overwhelming as there are many wedding hairstyle options and this can leave you feeling indecisive.


Wedding Hairstyles Half Up Half Down


Do you normally wear your hair down but are worried about hair blowing in your face because you have an outdoor venue? Do you love a slick back bun most days but want something different for your wedding? A wedding hairstyle half up half down could be just what you are looking for! Wedding hairstyles half up half down are the perfect balance between a styled updo and keeping your hair down.


wedding hairstyle half up half down


This style pulls back the top section of your hair, which helps to frame your face beautifully. It draws attention to your facial features, especially your eyes and cheekbones and this creates an overall flattering effect. This half up half down style also keeps your hair away from your face, allowing your makeup to not be hidden in photos.



Half up half down hairstyles can work well with various hair types, whether your hair is curly, straight, or wavy, it allows you to embrace the natural texture of your hair while still incorporating an element of sophistication and elegance.



If you couldn’t decide between having your hair down and a slick back bun, this style might just be the one you are looking for! You can show off your length with the bottom half, and use the top section to create the slick back look. This style is elegant and keeps the focus on your beautiful face.



This style can also be a great choice if your wedding dress has a neckline or details you want to keep the attention on but don’t want to do an updo. With the top section pulled back, you can sweep the bottom section behind your shoulders to keep those details the focus.



Half up half down hairstyles offer many opportunities to incorporate accessories such as veils, delicate flowers, decorative clips, or a statement headband. These accessories allow you to personalise your hair to match your wedding theme or style. Did you go with an outdoor venue and a boho theme? A flower crown would be perfect for you.



Going with a half up half down wedding hairstyle allows the top section of your hair to be secure and this will ensure that it stays in place throughout the day. This is beneficial if you choose an outdoor venue with potentially windy conditions. Your mind will be at ease knowing that your hairstyle will hold up well and you won’t be brushing your hair away from your face during the ceremony and while getting your photos taken.




Choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle half up half down is just like any other part of wedding planning! It may take time to find the perfect one for you. Just like with choosing the venue and decor, you can consult a professional to help you choose the perfect hairstyle to make you feel beautiful and comfortable on your wedding day. Take advantage of those trial sessions where you can experiment with different half up half down hairstyles, allowing you to visualize how each one is. Choosing before your special day will allow you to go into your wedding morning stress-free and filled with excitement!


Which wedding hairstyle half up half down was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


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