9 Items Every Event Budget Must Have

Whether you are planning a baby shower, wedding shower, wedding, or bar mitzvah, every event requires the same essential components. What will make your elements different will be based on your style, theme, and budget. So, you are planning your event and do not know where to begin or how to create a reasonable budget, below are nine items your budget should have to ensure all the essentials are covered.

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Unless you are having an event in your home or a family/friend’s home, you will most likely have to find a venue space to rent. On average, your venue should be less than 50% of your overall budget. The average person spends 25-30% of their budget on the venue. You want to have enough room in your budget for decor and other items to make your event memorable and meet the needs of the other items in your budget.


What is an event without food!? Whether you cater food or your family/friends assist you in preparing the food, you have to spend money in this area. How much money you pay depends on various things, such as whether the food is catered, the menu choice, buffet-style vs. plated, and whether there will be servers. Please consider this when creating a budget.

3. BAR

Whether doing a DIY bubbly station or having an open bar, plan accordingly, as adding alcohol will cause your bar budget to increase.


I think it’s safe to say that most people love dessert! Making space for it in your budget will be greatly appreciated by your guest. Having a cake is a great way to share dessert and can also serve as a decor statement piece.
Of course, the cake isn’t just cake, but, if you are not into the cake, some fun options are cupcakes, cake pops, and any sweet treat you love.



Having music is a must!  Music sets the tone, vibe, and party ambiance for most events. It helps people loosen up and prepare themselves for a good time! Having a Dj often makes everyone’s life so much easier because they are equipped to observe the crowd and play more of the music that the majority is enjoying. So including a DJ in your budget is a must! And they don’t have to be expensive; the DJ can be a family friend or a referred professional. So please make space for a DJ in your budget.


If you have an event, most likely, people will need a place to sit, eat their food, etc., so you will need to rent essential items such as tables, chairs, and linens. Depending on the design, renting backdrops and/or lounge furniture will also be needed. If you know you want your event to look extraordinary, unique, and not typical, having a larger budget for decor would be ideal as this will be a part of the experience for you and your guest.


Who wants to set up and break down their event. I think no one! Setting up is no fun and sucks away all of the event’s joy and excitement. So do yourself a favor and hire a company to set up/break down your event. Depending on the scale of your event, this can be relatively inexpensive.


Creating a budget space for photography and videography is imperative. If you are taking your time to plan a fabulous event and spend money, you want to be able to relive those moments and share them with your family and friends.


Lastly, plan for miscellaneous items. This may involve a large Amazon order, for example, napkins, straws, plates, etc. this can honestly be anything; it just depends. Unexpected expenses can be expected, so being prepared is the best thing you can do when a surprise expense arrives.

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