Elegant Updos for Your Wedding Day

Choosing a wedding hairstyle is a big decision for your wedding day. After all, you’ll be taking dozens of photos on your big day, and you’ll want your hair to look absolutely perfect in all of them. Here is some inspiration for elegant updos for your wedding day.

A bride facing away from the camera holding her wedding bouquet behind her back and her hair is in an elegant updo wedding hairstyle with two white flowers.


But before you have your heart set on one style in particular, it’s important to consider the details of your wedding to ensure your hairstyle is the perfect choice for the occasion. When selecting your up-do, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Keep reading to learn about everything you need to consider before choosing the perfect updo for your wedding day.

Picking the Perfect Style


A portrait of a bride with an intricate updo wedding hairstyle.

Your hair is meant to complement your dress, not detract from it. Think about what you want to draw attention to. If you have a simple gown, a more intricate up-do might be the best option. For lacy and embellished gowns, selecting a simple, yet modern chignon will let people fully appreciate your gorgeous dress. If you’re wearing any special pieces of jewelry, be sure to pick a style that draws the hair up and away from your shoulders so that you can show off your beautiful necklace or earrings.


A close of photo of a bride's updo hairstyle with a headpiece and a veil.

You should also consider whether or not you’ll be wearing a veil, since you won’t want to cover up an intricate up-do. If you are wearing a veil, using a comb or tiara to pin it in place can add an extra sparkle to your hair–or a simple headband can let a decorative veil take center stage.


A bride holding her wedding bouquet with a long veil.

Styles to Choose


From a sophisticated chignon to an intricate braid to a delightfully tousled messy bun, there are endless up-dos to consider for your wedding day. Whether you keep things simple or add gemstones or flowers to your hair, find a few styles you like and save them for inspiration to show your hairdresser.


A bride getting ready away from the camera, showing her wedding updo hairstyle with a flower headpiece.


And remember to consider what styles tend to work best for your hair. If you have thick, curly locks, it might be best to avoid styles that require straightening your hair. Likewise, if you have thin, fine hair, choose a style that will stay secure throughout the whole day.


A black and white photo of a bridal updo wedding hairstyle with a delicate hairpiece


It’s a good idea to do a trial-run a few weeks before the wedding. This will help you to make sure you absolutely love your hairstyle. Plus, knowing how the style looks and feels will make getting ready the day of much smoother and easier.

Tips for the Big Day

A bride showing her wedding updo hairstyle that is created with a braid.


When it comes to the day of your wedding, it can never hurt to be prepared.



Keep your up-do in place all night by having bobby pins, hair ties, and hairspray handy. Ask your maid of honor to carry a small emergency kit filled with essential hair and make-up supplies. That way, you’re never far from help if your hair needs a touch up throughout the day.



Having the perfect hairstyle will add an extra special touch to your wedding. It’s a piece of artistry you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come in your wedding photos. Want more wedding hair-do inspiration? Check out this blog post to discover more styles you’ll love.


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