Top 3 Reasons To Hire an Event Planner

How do you I find a venue? What is the right venue? Where do I get decor from? How much will decor cost me? Do I need flowers? I need catering, how much is catering? Where can I find a DJ? Who is going to set up the event!? If you ever asked yourself these questions and they made you overwhelmed, you are in need of a planner!

In the simplest terms, an event planner is here to carefully design, thoughtfully organize, and remove the stress of trying to figure out what to do.


Let’s go over a few reasons to hire an event planner for your big day!


1. Bring your vision to life

A planner will always support your vision and help you define and execute your ideas. The first conversation with your planner will allow them to know your overall event desires and goals. This includes look and feel, style, must-haves, and what overall experience you would like your guest to have. Based on this conversation, the planner will curate a design that pulls all of the elements discussed. As the industry expert, the planner will add and incorporate unique details that will take the event to the next level. These are crucial as they will elevate and distinguish the event experience. These details are truly priceless!


2. Organization, Planning and Logistics

Everyone loves the end product of an event; however, many fail to realize the effort and extensive planning needed to get there. One of the planner’s tasks includes visiting multiple show rooms to vet rentals and/or custom items in order to select items that will work cohesively. Another crucial task of a planner is researching and booking the right vendors. Like anyone else, they have specialties, and it’s so important to book who will best execute the event idea. Not hiring the right vendor can easily be a disaster and impact the overall look and quality of your event. Additionally, a planner’s expertise includes detailed tracking and coordination of drop-offs and deliveries so as to alleviate all stress for you and your guests.


3. Budget

One of a planner’s biggest strengths is the ability to track and maximize the event budget. Your planner will have the expertise to know what aspects need to be prioritized in order to achieve all the client’s goals and needs.

FYI- if you are ever uncertain about what budget your event should have, speak to your planner! After a consultation, your planner will be able to provide the appropriate amount needed to execute your event. Create a budget together and let the planning festivities begin!


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