3 Reasons Why You Should Do First Look Pictures

The “first look” pictures have become super popular over the years and for good reason. In this blog post, I will share with you 3 reasons why you should have  first look pictures.

First Look Pictures

What are the first-look pictures?

The First look pictures happen when the bride and groom are able to look at each other and have a moment together before the ceremony starts. So why have first look pictures taken?

1. First Look Pictures get rid of nerves!

It is common for both the bride and groom to feel nervous on their wedding day, as they are making such life-changing decision! Having a first look and first look pictures taken allows the bride and groom to look at each other and shake the nerves off. This is excellent in preparation for the ceremony. You can walk into the ceremony cool, calm, and collected.

First look pictures at wedding

2. First Look Pictures are perfect to stay organized!

Having a first look and first look pictures is ideal for an organized wedding day. This will help not make you feel pressured or stressed. Without this moment before the ceremony, there is a lot of pressure – due to limited time – to capture all your couple photos and bridal party photos within a one hour span during cocktail hour.

With a first look and first look pictures, the bulk of these photos can be captured before the ceremony. After the ceremony, you are only taking a few photos, and this leaves you with time to unwind and take in the moment. You are able to peacefully eat some appetizers and prepare to get the party started!

3. First Look Pictures allow for a special moment!

The first look allows the bride and groom to have an uninterrupted, special, intimate moment before the ceremony begins. They are able to admire each other, exchange words, and simply be in the moment. This is often very special because after the ceremony is over, the couple will be pulled in different direction for photos, being greeted by family and friends, and simply both the bride and the groom will be focused on having fun!

Side note- If you are not considering the first look because you think your future husband will not cry, chances are he will still cry. Walking down the aisle in front of your family and friends makes the feeling very real in the moment emotions will be high, and if it is meant for your groom to shed a tear, I promise he still will.

First Look Pictures

First-look pictures are a special touch

This blog post was about the three reasons why you should have first-look pictures at your wedding! Having a first look and first look pictures is super beneficial to your wedding day. The first look will get rid of nerves and allows you to get the bulk of your wedding photos out of the way, this will remove the stress associated with your post-ceremony itinerary, and you are able to have an intimate moment with each other before me a full wedding day.

Let me know in the comments if you would do a first look for your wedding day!


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