How To Choose Your Wedding Florist

When you attend a wedding, the first thing that stands out to you are the flowers! Floral arrangements have a way of transforming a room and creating an aesthetically pleasing space! Flowers at an event, truly set the tone for a lot of designs.

Floral Designer vs. Florist

I want to begin by discussing the difference between a floral designer and a florist. The main difference between a florist and a floral designer is that a former tends to work at a floral shop that sells cut flowers or individual floral arrangements, while a floral designer is more event focused and creates a floral design concept for events, such as weddings, festivals, and baby showers. Based on what you are looking for, it will be wise to hire a floral designer to execute the flowers for your wedding day. The floral designer will be able to handle more extensive scale events to make sure that you are maximizing the space in terms of floral design and that your theme is adequately reflected through the florals. The floral designer will also be great for designs requiring flowers and large structural creations such as tall arches, handling floral chandeliers, etc.

Consider Your Floral Style

Before you consider your florist or floral designer, you must first consider your event design and the floral design you have in mind. Each floral designer has their particular style. You should hire a florist or floral designer whose style matches your event design. So, for example, if the look you have for the florals for your event is floral arrangements with an organic and whimsical finish, you should not hire a florist whose style is to create traditional arrangements that are perfectly rounded and compact. This is because you are asking the florist to go outside of their comfort zone, and it is not promised that your florist will execute the floral design as you imagined it. So, make sure the floral designer or florist style match the design of the event.

Find a florist or floral designer: Word of Mouth

Now the search begins for your florist or floral designer. One of the most popular ways to look for your florist/floral designer is to ask those you know who have recently hired one for their event. It’s always great to hear about a personal experience with a florist or floral designer. This will give you great insight on their communication and professionalism, and ultimately if the florist/floral designer was able to deliver according to the event design and vision.

Find a florist or floral designer: Social Media

Social media is a great platform to find florists and floral designers. You can view hundreds of florists in your area, and it’s like you have their portfolios in your hand. This is a great way to identify the florist designers’ primary style and if they have created florals in any other manner or style that may work for your current event. It’s also great to check if anyone has tagged the business page for their event. This allows you to see the florist or floral designer’s work more comprehensively and if their work is just as beautiful in others’ photos as displayed on their page( we have to consider that they will only post their best work). Using social media platforms is a great way to find a floral designer and florist.

Find a florist or floral designer: Google

Lastly, let’s not forget the trusted google search engine. Google is great because you can search for a florist or floral designer in your area. You can also read the reviews and the experiences that previous customers share. You can compare and contrast florist and floral designers in your area until you narrow it down to the one you love. Google also has pictures that you can view, this is especially great because you can view pictures shared by previous clients. You can not go wrong with a google search and this is one option you should always explore.

Florals are essential to any great party and help elevate the look and overall design of the event. Make sure you spend time with your event planner discussing the benefits of a great florist or floral designer! You will not want to miss out on great florals.


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