How to Find a Venue in Your Area

Are you planning a wedding, baby shower, or Quinceanera and can’t find the venue that meets your needs and matches the aesthetic that you have in your mind? I will share a few tools that can make venue searching super easy!

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To begin with, I am sure you started with a Google search. Doing a Google search is a good start, but it can sometimes leave you with more questions than answers!
Another seemingly good idea is to search social media platforms, such as Instagram which allows you to search for venues in a more refined capacity, and being a photo sharing app, you are able to witness the space decorated and set up. This helps have a visual of how an actual event could look like in that specific space. This is an excellent way to give you an idea if your vision can be executed in that venue space.


A venue directory is perfect because it has thousands of venues in one area. The entire website is, in fact, entirely dedicated to venues! Check out my favorite one at the end of the article!

When beginning your venue search, you will first begin by entering your location. You will enter your zip code, city or state etc. You will immediately find hundreds of  venues near you. You will then filter your search by entering your specific needs and parameters such as event type, what radius you would like to remain, your guest count, and budget.

Now that you have a plenty of venues to choose from that all meet your essential needs. You will be able to gather more details about the venue. You will be able to view several pictures of the venue from different angles and perspectives. There is also a section that has helpful information to help you gain more insight about the venue. It is important to know if the venue offers in house catering and bar, if there is an option to use outside catering, maximum capacity seating and standing, as well as any amenities. Some of these amenities  can be handicap accessibility, Wi-Fi, valet parking, etc. All things that are good to know before hand!

If you find a venue you like you can request a quote online, and once you are ready to view the venue you can easily do so because the  address is online as well. So you can make sure you love the venue in person as much as you do in the pictures.
Finding a venue can be very frustrating and overwhelming, but with these resources it doesn’t have to be!

Here is the DIRECTORY I always enjoy browsing. Hope it helps find your perfect venue space!


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