21 Mermaid Wedding Dress Ideas

What is The Mermaid Wedding Dress Style? A mermaid wedding dress is typically defined as a wedding dress that is fitted from the bust to the lower hips, the dress then begins to have a slight flare.

It is given the name mermaid dress because the silhouette mimics the shape of the mermaid tail. This style is incredibly elegant and popular. This post is all about mermaid wedding dress ideas and before we jump in, I wanted to share a few dress tips:


Mermaid Wedding Dress Tips


  1. Make sure to sit down in your dress during the alteration process. The worst thing for a bride is to feel uncomfortable in her wedding dress on her wedding day. You want to make sure you feel good standing as well as sitting. This is important to consider as you will be spending some time sitting.
  2. Make sure to have a bustle placed in the back of your wedding dress to hold up the train of your dress. The bustle will help you party all night without your dress dragging on the ground, or worse for you to trip and fall.
  3. Make sure your mermaid wedding dress is hemmed to perfection at the bottom.

Now, let’s get into the 21 Mermaid Wedding Dress Inspiration:

1. Long Sleeve Mermaid  Wedding Dress

Long sleeve mermaid wedding dress on bride

This dress is perfect if you are having a winter wedding. The long-sleeve detail is perfect to cover your arms in a fashion-forward and elegant way. Choosing long sleeves on your mermaid wedding dress is also perfect if you are not fond of your arms and would like to cover them in such a way that is not distracting, but rather effortless and seamless.


2. Short Sleeve and Thick Strap Mermaid Wedding Dress


This mermaid dress style is perfect for the bride that would like a little bit of support. This dress has thick straps that will give great bust support while being elegant and beautiful.


3. Sweetheart Shape Mermaid Wedding Dress


sweetheart mermaid wedding dress

The sweetheart shape is very common because it is very flattering on most women. It’s a classic style that is fun and flirty.


4. Modest Mermaid Wedding Dress


modest mermaid wedding dress on bride

If you are looking for more coverage and a modern design. This style of mermaid dress is for you. The design is simple and elegant, covering the arms, with a high and classic neck

5. Transparent Neckline Mermaid Wedding Dress 

transparent neckline mermaid wedding dress

This mermaid style has a beautiful neckline. It has a transparent neckline, with lace detail. Showing the clavicle bone is an elegant way to show some skin without being too revealing. The clavicle bone is a flattering part of many women and is a great area to show off.


6. Cream Sexy Mermaid Wedding Dress


This dress is perfect for the bride that is looking for something different. This dress is in a nude or cream shade, it’s also very flattering if you are trying to show off your curves. This design will insinuate all the best parts of your body.


7. Modern and Minimal Mermaid Wedding Dress


modern minimal mermaid dress

This style of dress is perfect for the minimal bride that does not like a busy dress. The mermaid shape in this design elevates the wedding dress and makes it a lot more elegant and chic.


8. Elegant Back Mermaid Wedding Dress

open elegant back mermaid wedding dress

A mermaid shape and a gorgeous back design is the perfect wedding dress combination. The details in the back of this wedding dress is a stunning wow factor that the guest and groom will not be expecting. Consider a dress with an open back or some back detail as a wow factor.


9. Appliqué Detail Mermaid Wedding Dress

mermaid wedding dress with intricate back detail

The appliqué on a mermaid dress is such intricate detail. The appliqué is a stunning detail and adds a 3d effect to your wedding dress. Appliqué also adds a feminine and soft touch to your wedding look.


10. Sexy Mermaid Wedding Dress

sexy mermaid wedding dress on bride

This mermaid silhouette is perfect for the sexy bride. The dress is full of detail from the sequence layover to the deep v. This dress definitely makes a statement for all of the right reasons.

11. Puff Sleeve Mermaid Wedding Dress


puff sleeves mermaid wedding dress on bride

This dress has beautiful puff sleeves, and the puff sleeves plus the mermaid shape make for the perfect romantic wedding dress.


12. Mermaid Wedding Dress with Fur Coat

Fur coat and mermaid wedding dress on beautiful bride

This dress is perfect for a winter wedding. This dress has an illusion neckline with crystal detail. This style will pair perfectly with a short faux fur or fur coat. It offers an elegant and timeless look.


13. Vintage Inspired Mermaid Wedding Dress


vintage mermaid wedding dress on bride

The lace detail in this mermaid dress is incredible. This dress is perfect for the bride that is looking for something classic or an ode to something vintage.


14. Add a Skirt to your Mermaid Wedding Dress


mermaid wedding dress with skirt on bride

One of the greatest advantages of the mermaid silhouette is that it gives you options! With this design, you are able to to add a full skirt to give a full ball gown or partial ball gown look to your wedding dress. The skirt can even be removed. You have the option to have a cinderella moment for the ceremony and a more fun sexy moment for the reception.


15. Mermaid Wedding Dress with Bustle


bustle mermaid wedding dress

The mermaid shape is also perfect for hoisting up the train on your wedding dress. It’s very easy to put your train up so you can dance the night away.


16. Blush Undertone Mermaid Wedding Dress


The Mermaid-style wedding dress also looks good in any shade or color. The blush tone is unique and super feminine. The blush tone is an excellent way to incorporate color in a classic and timeless fashion.


17. Modest and Sexy Mermaid Wedding Dress


Modest and sexy, who says you can’t do both? This dress gives you the best of both worlds.


18. Classic Strapless Mermaid Wedding Dress


The strapless mermaid dress is a classic. It looks good on most body shapes and has a fun elegant look.


19. Modern Print Mermaid Wedding Dress


If you want to do the mermaid silhouette but would like to make it more fun and girly, consider a unique print or pattern. Through patterns, you can express what your personal style to capture the look you are going for on your wedding day.


20. Sexy Long Sleeve Mermaid Wedding Dress


Long sleeve, but make it sexy. This dress is long sleeve but sexy. The details of the dress along with the figure-flattering shape, say sexy in an understated way.


21. Hollywood Glam Mermaid Wedding Dress


This dress is perfect for the bride that is looking for a dress that has an old Hollywood glam influence. This style is timeless and will not date.


I hope you found some inspiration for your mermaid wedding dress style for your upcoming big day. Comment below which mermaid-style dress is your favorite.


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