Top 3 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

So you just got engaged; you are on cloud nine and super excited for the wedding planning to begin, and then you realize you have no clue where to start. So, read below the top three things to do after you get engaged:

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3 Things to Do After Getting Engaged


Securing a venue may seem obvious to some, but often it is not, and one may begin to book other wedding components before booking their venue (later becoming an issue). Booking your venue first should be your top priority because this is what solidifies that you will have a wedding. Additionally, having the ceremony and reception in the same location makes things a lot easier as you only have to worry about booking one venue location. However, booking both ceremony and reception spaces first will be imperative if the ceremony and reception will be in two different places. Finally, your venue is secured, and you officially have a wedding date! Having a wedding date makes things very official. Reserving a venue will allow you to work on other components of the wedding planning that depend on a wedding date, such as booking your photographer and other vendors.


Booking your photographer and videographer will be the next item on your list. It’s ideal to book your top photographer and videographer from your list to ensure that the look and theme of your day will be captured as you desire. Photographers and videographers often are booked up to one year in advance, so, booking yours right away is crucial. Having your photographer and videographer reserved in advance will give you peace of mind as they will be your preferred vendor and will deliver when capturing your special day.


Booking hair and makeup may not seem to be urgent; however, how you look on wedding day is essential and should not be compromised. You only have your wedding day once, so looking and feeling your absolute best is so important. Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, and being unable to book your preferred hair and makeup artist would be pretty unfortunate. Booking your vendors does not mean that you must know your hairstyle details and how you would want your makeup to look, but it will offer you the ability to work with professionals who will advise you and work with your preferences. You can still book your hair and makeup even if you are uncertain about the style you envision for the day! Just remember, booking your makeup artist and hairstylist must be prioritized during the beginning planning phase.

Ensuring your venue, photographer/videographer, hair, and makeup are secured is the first step to a smooth wedding planning process. Then, may the wedding planning begin!!


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