5 Easy Steps for Wedding Day Invitations DIY

In this post, I will share five easy steps to DIY your wedding invitations. You will learn step by step how to create wedding invitations guaranteed to leave an impression on your guest.



Planning your wedding can be an expensive cost. There are some areas within the wedding planning and designing where you do not want to cut corners. However, your wedding invitations are an area that allow you to cut costs without compromising quality.



To Begin, here is a list of supply you will need to have a professional-looking wedding invitation.


Foundational Needs

  • Paper
  • Envelope moistener
  • Envelopes
  • Printer
  • Quality ink
  • Markers
  • Calligraphy pens,
  • Stamps
  • Address stickers


Design Items 

  • Water paint
  • Foil sheets
  • Ribbon
  • Stencils
  • Design Software (optional)
  • Decorative Paper
  • Envelope seals
  • Envelope liners
  • Belly Band
  • Sheets of tissue paper


Tools Needs 

  • Hot glue gun
  • Custom stamp tool
  • Embosser tool
  • Mimic heat tool
  • Trim and scoreboard
  • Paper Cutter




1. Pick your Wedding Invitation Card Stock 


You will first choose your card stock. You will need to ensure that your card stock is of high quality with weight. You may consider ordering your card stock online from sources such as papersource.


2. The Body Of Your Wedding Invite: The Writing


Once you have your card stock, you will then write the body of the invite. This is best done with calligraphy using a calligraphy pen. You can also print the content of the body directly onto the card stock/paper. Make sure to use high-quality ink when choosing the print method. This will give your wedding invite a seamless and professional look.


If you want to simplify things even more, you can purchase your wedding invite from trulyengagaing. This will remove the responsibility of finding the card stock and having to write or print the body of the invite.

Keep in mind you will use the same method for your smaller cards such as your RSVP card and detail card.

You also have the option to place the detailed information as a QR code on the back of your wedding invitation or on a separate card. This is a great way to save time and money.

Once the section is completed, now the fun can begin!




3. Create A Design For Your Wedding Invitation



Now it’s time to let your creative juices flow! Your wedding invitation should be consistent with the overall theme of your wedding. Bringing in the elements of your wedding through your primary color, accent color, pattern, shape, and texture. In this area you can play with watercolor, gold foil, stencil design and more.


4. Create A Design For Your Envelopes And Label With Guest Names 




Now it’s time to work on your envelopes. For starters you can start by having colored envelopes, this is an excellent way to have your wedding invitation stand out in a bunch of mail. It will for sure grab the attention of your guest. You can also add more character to your wedding envelopes by lining the inside in a color or in a beautiful pattern, this is done through lining paper.  This is an elegant way to elevate your wedding invitation envelopes, while giving your guest an unexpected surprise when they open their envelope.




Lastly, you have to write the name and address of each of your guests on the front of your envelopes. This can be done by hand if you have beautiful calligraphy, or it can be done with the help of an address sticker. You would type your guest name and address on the sticker and place it on the envelope.


5. Finishing Touches



You are almost there! Lastly place your finishing touches. A unique touch is to spray your wedding invitation card with perfume, this will give your guest an unexpected pleasurable experience with a subtle lovely scent. You can use perfume, but for a lasting effect it is recommended that you use essential oils. When using the essential oils please be sure not to place the oil directly on your card sock, this will stain the invite; rather place the oil on the gummed strip of the envelope flap.


In addition you can choose to finish your envelope with a seal. The seal is inexpensive and it adds a sophisticated flare to your wedding invitation overall.


… Don’t forget to Assemble Everything!



This is the perfect time to gather your bridesmaids and family members for a glass of wine and snacks as they help you in putting together each wedding invitation set. You can use a belly band or ribbon to elegantly put together your cards. You will need your envelope moistener to close each envelope, this will speed up the process. Make sure to come up with a system to work most efficiently.


This post was all about 5 super easy steps to DIY wedding invitations. Let me know in the comments below how you will be designing your wedding invitation.


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