11 Elegant Wedding Hair For Bride Ideas

In this blog post, I will be sharing 11 super elegant wedding hairstyles for all brides. 

No matter your hair length, color, or texture, there will be a hairstyle that you will be able to consider for your wedding day. Having the perfect hairstyle to complete your bridal look is the ultimate must!

This blog post is filled with elegant wedding hairstyle inspiration so that your hair will be just as fabulous as you on your wedding day.



1. The Chignon:



The chignon is an elegant bun. This bun is pulled back in a soft, effortless manner. This look is super elegant as it shows off your facial features. This style of bun works well if you would like to add a hairpiece. This hairstyle is perfect for the classic, timeless bride.


2. The Romantic High Updo:



Wearing your hair in a high updo will work very well if you are trying to show off your décolletage or if your dress has a beautiful back detail that you would like to show off. This wedding hairstyle is elegant and can work for both straight and wavy hair textures. Feel free to make this style more romantic by pulling little pieces of hair to the front of your face to frame your face.


3. The 50’s Inspired Hairstyle:



This sleek 50’s inspired hairstyle is perfect for the bride with a vintage-inspired wedding gown and overall look. This updo can work perfectly whether your hair is long or short. This hairstyle is sexy and timeless.


4. The Hollywood Glam Hairstyle:



This wedding hairstyle is perfect for the bride that loves a little something extra. This hairstyle has all of the old Hollywood glam vibes. The deep wave curl pattern is sexy and feminine. This hairstyle is ideal for the bride that wants to make a bold statement.

5. The Effortlessly Chic Updo:



This wedding hairstyle is effortlessly beautiful. This hair is styled in a way that looks like you just woke up with this fantastic updo! The soft curly pieces around the front and nape of the neck gives a soft and gentle hair look. This wedding hairstyle will also work seamlessly with a veil. This hairstyle is best for the classic bride whose bridal look is romantic and effortless.


6. The Curly Updo: 



Are you a curly girl? If you want an updo but you don’t want to straighten your hair, this updo is for you. It will require you to have some length to your hair in order to pull it back into a beautiful large bun. You should pay particular attention to your baby hairs, gently brushing them into position. This will allow your overall hairstyle to appear more polished and soft.


7. The Wedding Hairstyles for Half Up Half Down:

The half up half down wedding hairstyles is such a beautiful and classic style when you would like your hair off your face, but you would still like your hair down. With this wedding hairstyle, you can curl your hair in whichever pattern that makes you feel most comfortable. A soft curl is always a good option as it is more effortless.


8. The Updo with Elegant Soft Curls:

If you want to show off your eye color, framing your face with a few pieces of hair in the front is a great idea. It brings attention to your face and eyes.

9. The Fishtail Braid:



Staying true to yourself is the best thing you can do on your wedding day. If your bridal look is on the bohemian side and you would like your hair gathered away, opting for a long fishtail braid is an attractive option.

10. The Curly Fro:



If the curly fro is your signature look, go for it on your wedding day! You can rock your curly hair on your wedding day. Make sure that your hair is well-hydrated and moisturized. This will ensure your curl pattern is the curliest, and this will also decrease frizz, no matter your curl pattern.


11. The Long Beach Curls:

Wedding hairstyles for long hair can be fun and elegant. If you naturally wear your hair down, Then you should wear your hair down on your wedding day. These long curls are perfect no matter if your wedding is taking place in an elegant ballroom or in front of fantastic beach views. This look is fun and classy at the same time.

12. The Curly Effortless Updo:

Do you have curly/wavy thin hair? Please don’t fight with your curl pattern, work with it. If this is your hair type you can curl your natural curl pattern and pin up your hair into a beautiful wedding hair up-do. This hairstyle will last you much longer throughout the night.


13. The Short Elegant Pixie Hairstyle:



I can’t forget about our short hair brides. Wedding hairstyles for short hair is very elegant as it shows off all of your facial features. Options for your short hair is to style your hair in soft waves. This look is gorgeous and effortless.


Wedding Hair for Bride Pro Tip: 

  1. Opt for choosing a hairstyle that is true to your natural style.
  2. Try your hairstyle a few months before your wedding day, wear it the whole day to see how it holds up.
  3. At Least once, try your hairstyle with your veil or headpiece.
  4. In the months leading to your wedding, make sure to give your hair a little tender love and care, with hair masks, and treatments as needed.
  5. If you will try a new color, try the color at least 6 months before your wedding day.


In this post, you learned about 11 elegant wedding hairstyles for brides. Feeling beautiful and elegant on your wedding will help you to feel your most confident. Let me know in the comments below which wedding hairstyle you would wear on your wedding day!



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