13 Insanely Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

In this post, I will be sharing different wedding hairstyles for black women. There are so many different wedding hairstyles to choose from, making sure to choose the right hairstyle to complement your wedding dress, makeup, and facial features will be imperative.

13 wedding hairstyles black women can consider for their special day!

1.The Curly Fro



The Curly Fro is perfect for a style that is effortless and little avant-garde at the same time. The curly fro is a beautiful wedding hairstyle, it will speak for itself. Most often a wedding veil will not be necessary with the curly fro. If you would like there is always the option of a headband, headpiece, or individual jewels to add some visual interest to your fro.


2. The Curly Chic Updo




This wedding hairstyle is feminine and romantic. This hairstyle will look beautiful with any hairpiece, long veil, short veil, or even individual jewels. Since it’s a curly updo this hairstyle will wear beautifully throughout the day and night, even through all the dancing!


3. The TWA (Tiny Winy Afro)




If you have a Tiny Winy Afro and you are debating if you should wear your hair as it is, it is highly encouraged that you do. The TWA is an effortless simple look that is fail-proof. No matter the weather or any unforeseen events of the day your hair will remain intact and beautiful. This hairstyle can be dressed up with a small crystal clip or a flower placed to the side.


4. The Loose Curl Effortless Updo



The effortless updo is perfect if you would like a classic chic updo for the ceremony and then you would like to transition to wearing your hair down for the reception. This hairstyle is perfect for this transition because the hair is not tightly pinned up. But rather loosely and strategically pinned into place, allowing your beautiful curls to fall when you place your hair down for the reception. The effortless updo is a perfect transitional hairstyle.

5. Long Romantic Curl



Long romantic curls are the perfect go to wedding hairstyle. This hairstyle looks great with any wedding dress. This style does not require a lot of hair embellishment as it looks beautiful on its own. This look can be achieved with your  natural hair or extensions. The extensions are a great option to give your hair length and volume if you are not satisfied with the length and fullness of your natural hair. This chic hairstyle is perfect for a lot of brides.


6. The Glamorous Updo



This wedding hairstyle is perfect for the bride that loves all things glam, including her hair. This hairstyle is very glamorous and classy. This hairstyle can be achieved with your natural hair, hair extensions, or even with a wig. This hairstyle looks great on its own or even with hair accessories.


7. The Finger Curl Hairstyle



If you have short hair and are not sure how to style your hair for your wedding day, consider finger curls. This wedding hairstyle is very elegant. It looks even more beautiful with a headpiece. It will last throughout the entire day and look great in photos. It will show off your facial feature and provide a soft and elegant look.


8. The Sleek Ponytail



You can never go wrong with a sleek ponytail. Pulling your hair back is always an elegant option. You can opt for a medium-length voluminous ponytail or a long sleek ponytail. Either of these options can be achieved with your real hair or with extensions. With the ponytail Hairstyle you can wear it curly, straight, or kinky the options are endless.


9. The Classic and Chic Updo with Crystal Details



The Updo is a common hairstyle for a lot of brides as it is a chic and classic look. However, you can make your updo special by adding a rhinestone design within your updo. This hairstyle also complements both the simple and elaborate wedding dress. You can not go wrong with an updo.


10. Long Deep Wave Curls with Crystal Hairpiece



Adding crystals to long hair is an elegant way to add some character to your hairstyle. With the hair down there are so many hairpiece options that you can wear, as they would all complement this hairstyle. Some examples are crowns, side crystal hair combs, Crystal headbands, and Infinity headbands. Even flowers. Long hair is also flirty and fun and will look excellent in pictures.


11. Dreads and Sister Lock Updo



Dreads and sister locks can be styled in a variety of ways on your wedding day. If you like your hair up, down, or curly you have many options to do so. You may consider wearing your hair in a beautiful updo and adding individual pearls or crystals. This look will look excellent with or without a veil.


12. The Elegant Curly Updo



Curly hair can be styled so many beautiful ways for your wedding day. Consider a high updo and curly bang. This will remove the hair from the nape of your neck, allowing you to bring some attention to the back of your dress. The curly bang brings visual interest to your face. This hairstyle is fun and elegant at the same time.


13. The Braided Updo



If you are a braids girl, you can still wear braids on your wedding day in a manner that is elegant. You may opt to style your braids in a beautiful updo. The best braid style that can be manipulated for any hairstyle is plaits. You may also consider the knotless plaits braids so that you do not feel any discomfort on your scalp as your braids are styled in the updo.


Black Women Wedding Hairstyle Pro Tip:


  1. If you are wearing your natural hair, begin to consistently do hair treatments a few months before your wedding day. This will ensure your hair looks healthy, shiny, and excellent in photos.
  2. If this is your first time wearing extensions. Get them installed a week before your wedding this way you can become adjusted to the feeling of extension.
  3. If possible, invest in virgin or raw hair extensions. This will allow your hairstyle to look more natural and the hairstyle to last longer.


In this post there are a variety of different wedding hairstyles for black women. No matter your hair texture or length there is a hairstyle for everyone.


Let me know in the comments below which wedding hairstyle was your favorite.


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