7 Insanely Cool Wedding Nails

Whenever you hear an event planner or industry professional discussing the wedding day they always mention details. Your wedding nails are one detail that can not be forgotten. The look the bride decides for her nails is just as important as any other wedding detail. 



white wedding nails



Your wedding nails will be photographed both near and far!

This post is all about wedding nails ideas
for your special day!





1. Classic French Manicure Wedding Nails






The French manicure wedding nails look is for the classic bride, who enjoys a timeless look. This look is elegant and fail-proof. It goes with any look even after the wedding.



2. Red Wedding Nails Manicure



wedding nails for bride



The classic red manicure for your wedding day is a fun and sexy look. This nail look is super feminine and flirty.


3. All White Wedding Nails



all white wedding nails inspo



Is all white your go-to manicure style? This style can also be a perfect look for your wedding nails. It is a chic classic nail look to match your all-white dress.


4. Pop of Color Wedding Nails Inspo



wedding nails inspo


Why not have a pop of color? If you have a favorite color this is a great way to have all of your favorites on your wedding day or even the wedding colors on your nails.


5. “Something Blue” Wedding Nails



Something blue they say. Having a blue manicure allows you to have that “something blue”. It’s a subtle detail that will make a strong statement. Your wedding nails can be any shade of blue.


6. Black Wedding Nails Inspo





Are you the girl that enjoys a black manicure? Is it your signature look? Then you should totally rock your black nails on your wedding day. Embracing your authentic style on your wedding day is most ideal.


7. Bling & Rhinestones Wedding Nails



If you like a little bit of bling, this look is for you. The neutral palate a fun design, and it has some rhinestones. This wedding nail look is for the modern bride that wants a twist on classic wedding nails.


There is not one set style for your wedding nails. Your wedding nails should be a representation of your personal style. There is no right or wrong in the color, style, or design of your nails on your wedding day. Do what feels most authentic to you!

This post was all about cool wedding nails!


 Let me know in the comments below which wedding nail design was your favorite!


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