5 Best Wedding Ring Sets for Him and Her

Picking your wedding ring sets is a big deal! You will have this symbol of love and commitment on your finger for the rest of your life. Making sure you choose the right ring set for yourself and your partner is an important decision requiring much thought. One fantastic way to kick off your marriage is to have matching wedding ring sets/engagement rings. This is a great way to start your marriage on the same page, literally!

This post is all about the best wedding ring sets for him and her, plus read until the end for a bonus ring set!

wedding ring sets

Wedding Ring Sets

1. Rose Gold Wedding Ring Sets for Him and Her

This rose gold set is a perfect wedding ring set for him and her. For starters, rose gold is a trendy metal that both men and women wear. Secondly, it is a classic style. The woman’s band has a beautiful diamond detail; diamonds across that band are a classic style that will never be outdated.

2. White Gold Wedding Ring Sets for Him and Her

This set is the same as the above, except that it is white gold. White gold is a classic style that will never date. Both wedding ring set styles for him and her are timeless.

3. Matching Wedding Ring Sets for Him and Her

Matching wedding bands also allow you to add some personal touch. This is because you can engrave the inside with your wedding date or initials.

4. Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Suppose your partner loves a little bling and likes to shine. This diamond-studded wedding ring will be the perfect option for him or her.

5. Mix and Match Wedding Ring Set for Him and Her

You can also match your engagement ring to your husband’s wedding band. This style is the perfect example of how it can be done effortlessly. This is the perfect mix and match of wedding and engagement ring set for both him and her.

BONUS: Wedding Ring Set

This set is so unique! From the unique design of her wedding band to the simplicity of his wedding ring band, this set is beautiful. This proves that you can have matching wedding rings sets that are fun and classic and still show your personal style.

This post listed the 5 best wedding ring sets for him and her. There are many different styles and variations you can do to make it unique to you and your spouse. Let me know in the comments which wedding ring set was your favorite and if you would get a matching wedding ring set with your future babe!


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