11 Super Gorgeous Wedding Ring Sets Ideas

In this post, I will share 11 wedding ring sets you can use as inspiration as you shop for your wedding band. This post will have different wedding ring and band styles. If you are uncertain which wedding band style will most complement your engagement ring, this post is for you!

This chart is a perfect visual to demonstrate the pairing of different engagement rings with different wedding band styles.


In this post, you will find 11 wedding ring sets to inspire you to create the perfect wedding ring and wedding band pairing.


1. Traditional Gold Matching Wedding Ring and Band Set 

This engagement ring and band style are perfect for a woman whose style is traditional. Both the wedding ring and the wedding band are gold with diamonds. The wedding ring has three Diamonds, while the band has diamonds going three-quarters of the way. This style also pairs well if you want a matching wedding band with your husband-to-be. This style is a classic!

2. Glamorous Diamond Wedding Ring and Diamond Band Set 

If your engagement ring is full of bling with an intertwined side detail, you may struggle to decide which wedding band would most compliment your engagement ring. The perfect band for this style is a classic thin Diamond wedding band. This wedding band is ideal because it is simple and chic and does not compete with your engagement ring design.


3. Chic Diamond Oval Wedding Ring and Two-Tone Wedding Band Set

Feel free to mix metals. How you pair your engagement ring should be entirely based on your style and personality. Mixing gold, silver and traditional and modern ring styles can totally be done. This is a cool wedding ring sets to show your personal style through your engagement ring and wedding band.


4. Classic Single Stone Diamond With Band Design And Matching Wedding Band Set 


If you are completely unsure about which band goes well with your engagement ring you can always opt for a matching wedding band set. You can not go wrong as the band and engagement ring we’re designed to complement each other. This style of pairing will not date and will remain a classic.

5. Timeless Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring And Gold Wedding Band 

The most timeless pairing is a classic gold wedding band with a gold single stone diamond engagement ring. This pairing does not date. This gold wedding band has been a staple design for decades.


6. TearDrop Diamond Wedding Ring And Diamond Wedding Band

The teardrop diamond engagement ring pairs perfectly with a thin diamond band.This band style is called Delicate Pave.  It compliments the teardrop shape of the engagement ring.


7. Diamond Solitaire Wedding Ring and Vintage Wedding Band Design

The vintage wedding band is really fun as it not only looks going with your wedding ring but it also looks beautiful alone. Alone it still has character and makes a statement. This wedding band style is quite unique as it is not a commonly chosen design.


8. Pear Shaped Wedding Ring And Art Deco Wedding Band Design

Pairing a chic and modern wedding ring with an art deco wedding band is a beautiful way to create a pairing that reflects your style. The pairing of these two different wedding ring designs brings a lot of visual interest to your hand and wedding ring set.


9. Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Ring And Matching Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Band

Rose gold engagement rings have become really popular over the years. Pairing your rose gold engagement ring with a matching rose gold band is a chic and effortless way to pair your engagement ring and wedding band. It removes the guessing of determining  which metal would most compliment your rose gold ring.


10. Diamond Solitaire Wedding Ring and Classic Diamond Wedding Band

If you have a classic and elegant style, then the classic Diamond wedding band is for you. This Diamond wedding band looks phenomenal with most engagement rings, especially the Solitaire wedding ring. The classic wedding band is timeless. With the classic  Diamond wedding band you will notice that the diamonds are slightly larger and make a beautiful statement.


11. Regal Wedding Ring And Matching Wedding Band 

Matching a regal wedding ring and band is perfect for the bride that is looking for something  eye-catching to make a statement. The matching set in the rings compliment each other without overpowering on another.

In this blog post I have shared 11 ways to pair your engagement ring and wedding band. Feel free to have fun and pair your wedding ring sets  in a manner that most compliments your personal style. Essentially there is no wrong or right way to pair your wedding ring and wedding band. So, just go for it!


Let me know in the comments below how you plan on pairing your engagement ring and wedding band.


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