11 Beautiful Wedding Rings for Women

There are so many styles of wedding rings for women. Are you uncertain what your wedding ring style? Here is a chart with the most common engagement ring stone cuts. First step is to identify your preferred stone.

Popular diamond cut styles


The following list of wedding rings for women will help you decide which style resonates best with you!



wedding rings for women ideas





1. Yellow diamond wedding rings for women:


Three tone yellow canary diamond engagement ring with a double halo setting.A beautiful diamond brilliant princess cut stone is set sideways to create unique style set in white gold or platinum surrounded by beautiful round diamonds.


The yellow diamond is unique. It gives off an elegant flare and a little something different to the traditional wedding ring. The white halo diamonds around this design provides  an additional touch of something special and compliments the yellow design.



2. Emerald cut wedding rings inspiration:



emerald cut ring idea



With the last 2 years this cut has become increasingly popular. The shape is modern and offers something special from the classic round or radiant cut. The cut is perfect for the bride who appreciates the traditional wedding ring style but is looking for something slightly unique without going too far from tradition. 


3. Oval cut wedding rings inspiration:



wedding rings for women oval cut



This style is very cool. Not only is it a beautiful shape but it pairs well with other rings, should you decide to layer other rings with your engagement ring. It also would look extraordinarily beautiful should you decide to have this cut of ring custom made.


4. Baguette cut wedding rings for women:



baguette cut wedding rings style


This cut is giving very cool and chic vibes, with its unique shape. The shape alone offers a different look, the baguette even looks great as a single stone. This style is perfect for the woman that enjoys something slightly different, edgy while still being elegant. This ring gives you so many different components all in one style.


5. Gem wedding rings inspiration: birthstone:


gem birthstone wedding rings for women



Why not your birthstone? If you love your birthstone or you have a stone that you would consider is your favorite stone of all time, why not have it as your engagement ring. It would be something you love and it would have special meaning to you.


6. Pear-cut wedding rings for women:



pear cut wedding rings for women



The pear cut is such a beautiful shape. It looks good as a single stone or in a halo style. This style of ring is very feminine and elegant, perfect for the classic woman.


7. Round-cut wedding rings for women:


round cut wedding rings for women



The round cut is a classic. It is most often seen designed as a single stone paired with an all diamond wedding band. This cut looks great with any metal, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.


8. Radiant cut wedding rings for women:


radiant cut engagement and wedding ring for women idea


The radiant cut is also a common style. Often designed with the halo design. Most often in the white gold.


9. Asscher cut wedding rings for women:



The Asscher cut is very elegant.  This style is a mix of styles, something old with something new. They are 3 stones. A larger in the middle, with the 2 smaller on the side. This is for the woman who truly appreciates a classic and timeless style.


10. Princess cut wedding rings:



The princess cut is very beautiful and elegant. It’s a classic style that complements any hand size. It looks good in any metal. The princess cut is feminine and looks great on the petite woman with delicate appearing hands. 


10. Trilliant cut wedding rings:


This cut is very cool. It’s a triangular shape diamond. Although it’s not common, it is perfect for the woman that is looking for something truly unique that many may not have.

There are so many varieties of wedding rings for women. Shopping for wedding rings is such an exciting time, but it can be overwhelming as well. I hope this list brings inspiration and knowledge on the many different styles of wedding rings for women.

This post was all about wedding rings for women!

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